Laura Fantini

By Elio Succi
Praxis Artistica, Art and Culture magazine, Rimini, Italy. 

Laura Fantini strives for the total recovery of the image and she appears to assert that objectivity is the real protagonist of art while its operator is valuable for its technical abilities. Some results, I must say, showcase a certain balance and highlight a style that talks clearly of sensibility and creative spirit. The scrupulous respect for the truth doesn’t affect nor freeze the freedom of the artist…an artist who could be seen as a representative of the radical realism movement, but defining her only in part.
Some of her flowers or still life paintings remind you of photography - an art that sees more in detail, just like the human eye. But sometimes figures go beyond the paintings where they are so carefully reproduced. We then witness a different suggestion of the same object. For example: attention is focused on some bulbs of garlic, but the leaves expand beyond the limits imposed by the rectangular frame. The light casts a sharp gleam in the pursuit of the subject. The interpretations, if necessary, can be multiple.
Again, let’s take into consideration the painting of a rose.  The illusive and mimetic values are high and astonishing. These flowers appear to be suspended in a white field that is passed through by a breeze of color or traces of shadow. Perfect precision is paired with indefinable luminosity.
These paintings express a priority to be faithful to things and reveal artistic abilities and command of the chromatic language.