Hope is an ongoing project that includes a new series of drawings of seeds (at the moment 30 artworks) collected throughout NYC and Italy: especially in Brooklyn, in Prospect Park, Park Slope, at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but also at New York Botanical Garden, Queens Botanical Garden, in Staten Island, Upstate NY, and of course many subjects from Bologna, Italy.

Here the power of seeds plays a fundamental role. It is a positive and optimistic message because seeds represent hope and a new beginning.

They are an integral part of who we are and emblematic of birth and growth. They are small, but complicated and mysterious, and what they do is extraordinary and magnificent. Without seeds, life would be threatened, from human beings to plants and animals. Sometimes a seed is all that remains of a plant. It is the beginning and the end, but also the hope for the next generation.

Through these detailed small drawings, the viewer will come to realize how a pencil for an artist can be as powerful as a tiny seed in nature.

Click on the thumbnails on the right to see some of the works that are part of this series. 

Hope and a New Beginning
by Laura Fantini
Category  Fine Art
Size Small Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm
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